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How to dry out your EEFM flowers

How to dry out your EEFM flowers

If you want to get the most bang for your buck and feel like getting a bit creative, then you could try drying out your lovely blooms from EEFM. There’s a few different ways to dry out flowers but from experience the natives usually give the best results.
A quick technique that can be done in minutes, involves the microwave and some cat litter which is handy if you already have those things but if you’re happy to be more patient with the drying out process, simply using an old heavy book can create pressed dried flowers. These can then be framed to create artwork and produce many other nick knacks. Just place individual flowers inside a book page in between baking paper then close the book and don’t touch for a week or so and when you come back to it the weight from the book will have dried and pressed the flowers. Kangaroo paw seems to work magnificently with this method and retains its colour and shape well. Whereas, some other flowers may just turn brown and squished so you may have to get innovative with trial and error for this method.
A drying technique that has been around for decades involves just hanging bouquets or bunches upside down in a well ventilated area and out of sunlight, a closet is perfect for this. This method will take a few weeks and is best done with a bunch of the same flower and long stems. A bunch of blue gum for example!
Or there is the most common way that you probably do already without even noticing! Simply placing a bouquet in a vase with a little bit of water and then letting the water evaporate will allow the flowers to slowly dry once the water has run out and being in the water originally should ensure they dry upright and perky. In saying that, this method is best for strong stemmed flowers or they could droop. Making long lasting décor for your space and extending the value and life of your original bright, fresh and beautiful flowers, allowing you to preserve them and enjoy for a lot longer.
More uses for dried flowers other than decoration, include, if they are scented then they can be used in wardrobes for nice smelling socks! Or if the flower was organic and edible then they can be used for cooking or making your own tea (fun winter activity alert!). Add them to your bathwater for a bit of colour, or they can be incorporated into candles when you make them yourself. For decorating though, putting them in jars around the house or turning them into a wreath for your front door. So versatile!
Dried blooms should last a few years but light, moisture and dust can reduce their lifespan. So it is recommended that they are kept out of direct sunlight and in a dry environment (so not the bathroom!) and try to avoid dust getting to them. We’ve only suggested a few ways to dry flowers to get you started but if you get researching you’ll see that the internet is full of methods that you can trial and perfect, if this is a topic that interests you. However, it can all start from an EEFM bouquet!
Love Darcy x

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