A little bit about us - #7 Bonnie

Introducing: Bonnie

How long have you worked at EEFM?
I’m the baby of the bunch at EEFM, having only come on board around a month ago! However, I’ve worked in floristry on and off for almost 10 years!
What’s your favourite flower, and why?
Answering this question is almost impossible, and the answer changes regularly! I recently got married, and was lucky enough to be able to do the flowers myself and included all my favourites (Alstromeria, carnations, Lisianthus) – but I think the stand out for me right now are the pastel pink anthurium! They look and feel plastic, so it’s hard to believe they are real!
Pictured: A photo to show some of the flowers at my wedding!
What’s your favourite plant, and why?
At the moment, the rubber plant! It’s one I didn’t really know about before working at EEFM, but the more I learn about it, the greater I think they are! They are very easy-going as far as plants go, and have such a gorgeous colour.
How many plants have you got in your collection at home?
At the moment, only two! I’m in a small space and have a couple of pets, so I’m a bit limited as to what I can have indoors. It will be three soon though, you better believe I’m adding one of those rubber plants to the collection! 
Pictured: Murray the Menace who likes to knock things over! Lucky he’s cute!
What’s your favourite thing about working at EEFM?
It’s hard to nail it down to just one thing! Justine and Josh have cultivated such a fun atmosphere to work in, filled with hard working and energetic people who truly love what they do. It’s a blessing to be able to come to work every day and feel joy around the work you are doing, and that feeling is intensified because we are in the very lucky position where the work that we do – making and delivering beautiful blooms – also brings joy to people. It’s a win win!


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