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Introducing Our Mother's Day Collection

Introducing Our Mother's Day Collection

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary Mother Figures in our lives. At EEFM, we believe that every Maternal Figure is unique, with their own special spirit and style. That's why we've curated a Mother's Day Range that honours the diverse personalities of mums everywhere. This collection has been thoughtfully created with our own mothers in mind, ensuring that each product reflects the love, care, and appreciation we feel for them.

Melanie Market Bunch
For the no-fuss mom who finds joy in her garden, we present the Melanie Market Bunch. Crafted with love by our skilled florists, this arrangement captures the essence of Melanie's down-to-earth spirit. With a mix of seasonal blooms, including locally sourced flowers, it's the perfect way to brighten her day and bring a touch of nature indoors.

Bronte Arrangement
Meet Bronte, the epitome of elegance and adventure. If your mum savours life's finest moments and embraces every adventure with grace, the Bronte Arrangement is the perfect choice. Featuring a stunning selection of seasonal blooms in a stylish glass vase, it's a tribute to Bronte's adventurous spirit and love for life's beauty.

The Marilou
For the vibrant dynamo who brings energy to every moment, we introduce the Marilou. This bold and colourful arrangement reflects Marilou's vibrant personality and zest for life. With its eye-catching blooms and playful design, it's sure to put a smile on her face and brighten any room.

Jillian Bouquet
Cool, creative, and always up for fun, Jillian is the epitome of a cool mom. If your mom has a laid-back attitude and a love for life's adventures, the Jillian Bouquet is the perfect choice. With its trendy oat milk latte-inspired design and vibrant blooms, it's a stylish tribute to Jillian's hip style and infectious laughter.

Elle Gift Box
Cheers to the boujee mum who knows how to live life in luxury! If your mum loves to indulge in the finer things, the Elle Gift Box is the ultimate treat. Complete with a bottle of bubbly and luxurious goodies, it's the perfect way to pamper her and show her just how much she's appreciated.
Wendy Peace Lily
Meet Wendy, the peacekeeper mom turned cherished grandma. Known for her gentle touch and calming influence, Wendy has always been the glue that holds her family together. With its lush green leaves and delicate white blooms, it's a beautiful symbol of peace and tranquility—a perfect tribute to the peaceful oasis Wendy creates for her loved ones.

This Mother's Day, celebrate the unique spirit of your Mother Figures with EEFM's diverse Mother's Day Range. Thoughtfully created with our own mother figures in mind, each product reflects the love, care, and appreciation we feel for them. Whether they're a father figure who has taken on the role of a mum, a beloved grandmother, an aunt, a mentor, or any other influential woman in your life, we have the perfect gift to honour their individuality and show them how much they mean to you.

Let's make this Mother's Day one to remember with EEFM.

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