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Kris Kringle Gifting

Kris Kringle Gifting

During Christmas time, Kris Kringle time rolls around and suddenly you’re left thinking, ‘I hardly know this person from work that I have to buy for, what will they like?!” or “what do you gift someone for this amount of money, that has everything or doesn’t want anything..”. Kris Kringle does not have to be a nightmare. That’s where we come in!
Call us your little elves because we are here to help you!
Here is a little list of the types of KK pressies you can gift from EEFM:
$15 Limits:
-Little something – our smallest amber jar arrangement
$20-30 Limit:
-Single succulents – in the amber jars
-Hand poured EEFM Candles – vanilla, sweet lemongrass, French pear or cocnut and lime
-$20-25 EEFM gift voucher
-Hanging plants – chain of hearts, string of pearls, hanging cacti
-Queen - amber jar arrangement
-Small Bouquet
-Ficus Bonsai
$50 Limit
-Bouquet (Small or Medium)
-Indoor plants (we have a large range of indoor plants pricing up to $50)
-Large Succulent Terrarium
-King – amber jar arrangement
-EEFM Totes Goodie Bag – includes a candle, little something and single succulent
-$50 EEFM Gift voucher
Come on in store this Festive Season to find the perfect (and easiest) Kris Kringle gift that the receiver will love and the rest of the office will wish they had thought of this idea!
Happy Chrissy Shopping!!
Love, EEFM

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