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Let’s talk about Stirlingia!

Let’s talk about Stirlingia!

Stirlingia is a native western Australian flower, technically part of the protea family which is wild because it looks nothing like them!!!! Its nickname is blue boy as when they are fresh the inside of the hairy ball is blue little spikes. However, it is really named after the first governor of WA, Sir James Stirling.
The flower buds grow in the colour of brown, yellow and red. With the growing season August to October in sandy terrain and they can only grow from smoke treatment rather than seedlings.
They are a long stem with the flowers growing up it and clustering towards the top in the shape of little balls. They are a perfect drying flower, maintaining their shape for years dried. Just simply leave the cut stems out of water and they’ll dry nicely themselves.
Here at EEFM we stock the dried Stirlingia in many dyed colours, a very vibrant and wacky addition to our bouquets that are sure to catchy your eye. Or they are perfect on their own so just buying a bunch or a few stems to sit in your house on a bookshelf, desk, kitchen, bedroom, living room décor, ANYWHERE!
Currently in stock we have the white, red, orange and pink colours which are fun to get creative and play around with. Be quick though, they do tend to leave our little shop quite quickly, so why don’t you see what you can come up with and do with some Stirlingia in your life!
Let’s talk about Stirlingia!

Let’s talk about Stirlingia!

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