How to care for a Luxe and Deluxe Arrangement

How to care for Luxe and Deluxe Arrangements:

We have had an abundance of love for our Luxe and Deluxe sizes at East End Flower Market and we definitely do understand why. 
We love delivering these arrangements as we get to see our hard work paying off. We see a mixture of the biggest smiles you have seen, tears, hugs and so much love. It truly is one of the most special gifts that we can see our customers love and appreciation first hand. 
We want to make sure all our customers understand the very best way to look after the arrangements, so that you and your home can enjoy and nurture these beautiful flowers for as long as possible!
First things first, when you get your arrangement in the perfect spot in your home, take a watering can/bottle/cup (small if possible) and poor water straight in the back of the arrangement (This will go into the florist foam, Oasis). During the delivery process, it can be possible for water to fall out of the vase, adding extra water as soon as you receive the arrangement is the best way to make sure your flowers will last as long as possible.
We also recommend adding more water every 1-2 days, as there is many flowers they will drink up water very quickly. You will soon realise how light the vase can seem after only one day. This is why it is best to continually fill up your vase.
We also recommend not leaving your arrangement next to a window with a super bright warm sunlight throughout the day, or underneath an air conditioner - the same way we recommend this for all of our flowers!
Throughout the 1-3 weeks you should have your flowers, we recommend pulling out any dead flowers in the arrangement to allow all water goes to the healthier flowers so they thrive.
We hope you enjoy the Luxe or Deluxe as much as we enjoy making them!
If you have any questions what so ever, please call us on 8271 8330.

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