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Mad March

Mad March


Adelaide is known for its Mad March full of events such as the Fringe Festival and Womad (Just to name a couple!) Which are all in the East End, as are we! This provides a great opportunity to pop into the shop at 248 Grenfell Street during the festive season, on your way to or from an event.
Close by, we also have the Ebenezer night markets to check out on a Friday or Saturday, and as we are open till 6 on Fridays and 5 on Saturdays it’s a great chance to knock two items off your to do list.
Our store is full of wonderful little gifts for yourself or someone you know. Big house plants, little potted plants for desks or bookshelves (succulents, bonsais, cacti, pileas, peace lillys and more!), a few pots for the big plants in funky colours of blue, pink, black and white. Then of course flowers!!!! Bouquets made up to grab quickly on the go in our small and medium size and in all colour tones. Or if you’re keen on a browse then you can purchase all our flowers by the stem or bunch and create your own unique bouquet. You might even find a few bits and pieces such as candles, gift cards or baskets to sit plants in and even some house designed tote bags.
So the next time you’re coming to visit us (hopefully soon!), double it with an event or the next time you’re checking out a show, come in a say hello. A breath of fresh air and nature amongst all the March Madness!
We are celebrating Mad March by offering a limited addition bouquet inspired by the Adelaide Fringe Festival. You can find them on our brick and mortar stor 8-6 weekdays, 9-5 Saturdays and 11-4 Sundays or on our online store here
See you all soon x

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