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A few new little bits and bobs have made their way onto our shelves at 248 Grenfell Street.
These include:
The Plant Runner– An all-natural based fertiliser and leaf shine for your plants. The indoor plant food is made locally in Melbourne and is a high concentrate that needs to be watered down so the small bottle will last you a literal lifetime, the best purchase you’ll ever make for just $12! The $18 leaf shine is also a pest repellent, talk about 2 for the price of one! Just spray and wipe and your little plant babies will be looking brand new in no time. The brand ‘The Plant Runner’ was created by two horticulturalists, so if there’s anyone you should trust with your plants it’s these guys. We love that they are an Australian company using natural ingredients, reducing harm to us, our plants and the environment.
(Picture shows all The Plant Runner products)
Nurturing Nature Cards– A completely sustainable gift card, that gives more than just the message you wanted to say but also the gift of life! What did you just say? The gift of life? What are you talking about? Well…. plant these little beauties in some soil and give them a water and VOILA daisies will grow. The gift that keeps on giving, made locally in Port Noarlunga. What we love about these guys is the cute designs and magnificent idea, especially reducing our environmental footprint. Being only $7 they are flying off the shelves so you better get in quick!
Sus-tee– This watering checker is a life saver, a plant life saver! Water is the biggest killer of plants and the hardest part to get right. How much water does this plant need is a common question we here at EEFM get asked a lot but also a question everyone probably asks themselves or their plant at home. Then when your plant dies, Did I water it too much? Did I water it too less? Well prepare to have all your problems solved! For just $15 the Sus-tee water checker can be yours and let you know when your plant needs water and when your plant has enough water. Sit it in your plant pot and if the stick is white then it’s time for a water, it will then turn blue and the next time you need to water it is when the stick is white again, it’s that simple! Do yourself a favour and come in store to get one of these right away, especially if you have one of those fussy little fiddle leaf figs that are impossible to understand. We love that this tool can make anyone a successful plant grower and the water guessing game is over!
To learn more about any of the new products we now stock then come in to the store at 248 Grenfell street and ask one of our friendly staff members about them. We can’t wait to tell you all about them.
Have a great weekend,
Love Darcy @ EEFM x

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