This year we are mixing it up! We are excited to update our already amazing flower menu with new and improved bouquets. Still staying true to our ethos of long lasting blooms we are introducing some more traditional flowers and giving them a modern twist.   
In the new range we have kept some of your favourite bunches, the bright, pastel and white and green but we have now added:
A summer bouquet – pinks, oranges, yellows, reds like a summer sunset.
Rust - a more toned down bouquet, something you’ve probably never seen before, using dustier colour tones, with pops of burnt orange and bronze.
Foliage -  a personal favourite, sometimes foliage is just so stunning by itself and we thought it was time to make it a focal flower instead of a filler flower.
This year we are spreading our wings and moving away from our focal flowers such as daises and chrysanthemums, don’t worry we still have them in store and in all of our bouquets but we will have so many other wonderful options to create beautiful arrangements for you. We’ll be stocking a lot of different flowers, showcasing more unique flowers. Occasionally you’ll now see roses in our bunches as well, which if you follow us religiously you’d know that’s a big change but we are excited to incorporate these more traditional flower into our already stunning, long lasting bouquets.  
Come in store or hop onto our website to see the new range and all the new wild, groovy stock we have.
Love, EEFM

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