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Here at East End Flower Market you’ll already know we specialise in long lasting, unusual flowers; However, we also like to do things a little different here, mix it up and keep things fresh. This week we are pleased to have in store – Peonies! You’ll find them in two stunning colours, a deep coral pink or blush pastel pink.
Originally native to Asia, Southern Europe and parts of western and north America- these being cooler climates. When planted, the peony plant can grow and keep producing flowers for up to 100 years, this in my opinion makes up for the fact they they have such a short season.
This short season with in Australian being between October to Mid-December making them highly sought after. Their stunning cluster of tightly formed petals, once opened produces a delightful scent. These attributes all contribute to the reasons why its hard not to fall in love with them, but easy to see why everyone already has!
The peony represents wealth, good future and a happy marriage which is why so many brides seek them for their special day. White peonies are most commonly given on the 12th wedding anniversary which is a beautiful mile stone.  
Be quick, as they are sure to fly out of the door this week. Give us a call or 82240487 to arrange a pick up or purchase online at:
Bunches start at $25, arrange them on their own or mix them with an East End Flower Market signature bouquet for something special.
Send to a friend, your family or treat yourself, go on… you know you want to.
The EEFM Team

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