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Peonies in June

Peonies in June

If you know anything about us here at East End Flower Market, it’s that we love long lasting blooms, you can always trust we’ll have the freshest daises and chrysanthemums to bring those much needed pops of colour to our signature bouquets.  Did you know we also love surprising our customers by going to the market every morning and finding hidden gems for you guys to enjoy? One of the most popular and sort after gems that we are always keen to get in store are peonies.  Spanning only a short season for SA, you are only likely to see them at EEFM between October to November. You might see them pop up a little early in the year as we source them from Holland and France, however they are in full bloom in Australia later in the year.
Peonies, unlike most of our other flowers, have a very powerful and beautiful scent. Beginning as a tight ball they open up to showcase their stunning pastel pink or coral petals that are smooth and delicate. The pink peonies take on the meaning of romance making them ideal for anniversaries, wedding bouquets and table arrangements when you are trying to impress that special someone. The deep red or coral tones take on the meaning of honour, respect and wealth, interpret this how you like, but we think if you have them around you’re sure to feel good and encourage those positive vibes!
Perfect for any occasion, peonies will surely make your loved one swoon. Mixed in an EEFM bouquet or simply on their own, they are the perfect flower if you are lucky enough to get your hands on them. They always fly out the door when we do have them in store!
We have been lucky enough to source peonies from Holland and France in recent weeks.
Keep an eye out on our social media pages for when we get our next peony shipment at 248 Grenfell St!
Love Imogen x






Peonies in June

Peonies in June

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