Right now at 248 Grenfell Street we are selling fresh poppies for $15 a bunch. Pink, White, Red, Orange, so many colours to choose from. There’s around 15 stems in a bunch, making them a dollar a stem, WHAT. A. BARGAIN. The pods are currently closed and starting to open, which means a burst of colour is about to pop from them and you can slowly watch them open up in your home. When you go to bed at night by the time you wake up some more will have come out to play. For Australians the red coloured poppy signifies Anzac Day and is very special to recognise the soldiers that have fought for Australia.
Fun Poppy Facts:
Ancient Egyptian Doctors made their patients eat the seeds from poppies to relieve pain, this is because they contain a small amount of morphine and codeine.  
Poppies also symbolise sleep, so they used to be placed on tombs for a restful sleep. Maybe putting them in the bedroom will help you have a deeper sleep too and wake up well rested too!!
If you plant poppies, make sure you love them because the seeds can remain active for up to 8 years in the soil- meaning you can enjoy many seasons on poppies to come.  
Most commonly grown in the northern hemisphere during spring, there are so many colours to enjoy. Pop into the shop this week and grab yourself a bunch, they are a mixed bag and you wont be disappointed with the colour and they long life span!
We’ll see you soon at the shoppie soon!

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