Poppies are Popping off at at East End Flower Market!

Poppies are an absolutely glorious flower and we are stoked to have them here at East End flower Market!
Poppies are a sculptural beauty when placed in a vase and are a great gift or addition to your home space. 
Poppies are a flowering plant which are part of the papaveroidae family, and are grown for their colourful, tissue like blossoms, but also for medicinal, culinary and symbolic uses.
When you receive your poppies they will likely not have fully bloomed but do not worry! In 2 to 3 days you will have a vase full of stunning pastel colour to brighten your day. 
When keeping poppies in a vase, it is important to cut the stems on a diagonal and change over the vase water ever 1-2 days. This will keep them fresh and allow you to enjoy them for longer!
Look out for our Poppy bunch on the web and brighten someone’s day with their beauty, or treat yourself!
With love 
Hannah and the East End Family



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