Ranunculus, Ranunculus, Ranunculus, say that three times in a row…its tricky.
Even though its name is hard to say, this is by far one of the most beautiful flowers. This week it is EEFM’s star flower and judging by our social media pages you guys are into them just as much as we are. You would think with such an interesting name it would have a whimsical meaning like “goddess or beauty” but in fact it is a combination of the Latin word Ranas meaning ‘Frog’ and Unculus which translates into ‘little.’ Humbly named because it grew in copious amounts in frog ponds in the springtime.
Here are 3 fun facts about this weeks favourite flower…Ranunculus
This stunning bloom can actually be harmful to farm animals like cows and sheep that graze in grassy meadows. Most farm animals have pretty good instincts and stay clear and graze around them. If ingested they can cause gastric upset. The Native Americans have been known to use ranunculus roots to treat skin disorders like boils and warts.
Ranunculus are commonly known as the “buttercup”, the ranunculus is a large genus that contains over 600 varieties. The most common species, the Persian ranunculus, are made of layers of paper-thin petals ranging in colour from soft whites, hot pinks, pastel pinks and yellows to fiery oranges and reds.
There are two interesting legends about the ranunculus. The first, Persian legend states that a young prince who always wore green and gold fell in love with a fairy and sang to her all day and all night. The fairy became so tired of listening to the prince sing, that she turned the prince into a buttercup flower (also known as ranunuculus). The second legend, Native American legend states that the ranunculus is also known as “coyote eyes”. It is said that a coyote was entertaining himself by throwing its eyes into the air and catching them again. An eagle suddenly swooped down and caught the coyote’s eyes in the air. With no way to see, the coyote picked two buttercup flowers and used them as eyes instead. Very different legends, we will let you guys be the judge of which ones sounds more likely…
Love Justine x

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