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Setting the Perfect Festive Table

Setting the Perfect Festive Table

Sitting down to eat over the holiday period with friends and family is one of our favourite things, and something a lot of people look forward to. While the food is the number one attraction, personally I find a lot of joy in the decorations as well.
Whether you go all out with your decorations, or you like to keep this more minimalist, there is no right or wrong way to set your festive table – but we can offer a few hints, tips and tricks!
Pick a Theme
I love nothing more than a good bit of colour coordination, so you can bet I will try and match my wrapping paper to the colours of my tree decorations, and then the decorations with the colours I use on the table. With lots of affordable options for decorations, tablecloths, napkins, dinner sets and even servingware, it’s easier than you might think to create a theme for your table this festive season.
Add the Personal Touch!
I think everyone can appreciate when someone has gone that little bit extra to create a personalised experience, so why not personalise your place settings for everyone at the table, or perhaps make your own Christmas crackers? One year I wrapped all my presents in white butchers paper and attached a comic from an old book that I thought the recipient would enjoy, and everyone had a great time sharing their comics Christmas morning! What can you do to add that extra touch this year that your guests will remember?
So, how can EEFM help you set the perfect festive table?
We have a few options that would make great additions to any table setting! The Flower Bowl Range has been popular for the last few months, and is available in several colourtones, with a special Festive option as well, so there is sure to be something for everyone. For only $70 this is definitely a centrepiece that will wow your guests! If you think that is a bit big for your table, consider The Christmas Trio – it is a great option for those looking for something smaller!
We also have our Bambino, which at only $30 each are a very affordable way to add fresh flowers to your table. You could even get a few and your guests could take them home with them to keep the festive spirit flowing!
This year, East End Flower Market are also have plenty of  this festive foliage  to enable you to create your own table garland from several different festive greeneries. Making your own garland will definitely help add that personal feel to your festivities, and could be a great opportunity to get the kids involved in setting the table. You never know – it might even become a Christmas Eve tradition for years to come!


Setting the Perfect Festive Table

Setting the Perfect Festive Table

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