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Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms

Spring has sprung at EEFM !!
Spring brings bright colour tones and incredible sweet scents, and from September through to November you can find these gorgeous blooms online or at our shop on the corner of East Terrace and Grenfell Street. Spring is my favourite season, not only because its means longer sunnier days and warmer weather, but because there is such an abundance of blooms available! There’s no excuse this Spring not to treat yourself or a loved one with some stunning flowers from EEFM! I’m a November baby so I know how I’ll be treating myself on my birthday this year!
Whether you like native blooms or pastel tones, there’ll be something for you! I’ve put together a little list of spring seasonals that really snapshots what you’ll be able to find this Spring at EEFM!

The beautiful peony flowers from late October to November. You can find the peony available in white, vibrant pinks, maroons and softer pastel pink hues.

Peonies are native to Asia, Europe and Western North America.

Fun Fact about Peonies:

Peony plants can live to be 100 years and still produce flowers


Hydrangeas bloom from November to April. Native to Southern and Eastern Asia, and the Americas.

Fun fact about Hydrangeas:

The colours of the flowers are affected by the pH levels in the soil.

Acidic soil yields blue or lavender blue blooms, and alkaline soil promotes pinks and reds.

In neutral soil the blooms turn purple or bluish-pink

White hydrangeas stay white regardless of the soil pH.



The powerful waratahwith its bold red colour and incomparable texture, flowers between September and November.

Fun fact about Waratahs: 

Waratahs can survive wildfires and rebloom thanks to numerous dormant buds located in the underground stem



Another native statement flower is the Banksia, which peaks in August and September and has a vibrant scarlet red, brush-like appearance.
It can also bloom in dark red, orange or pink.

Fun fact about Banksias:

There are around 170 different species of Banksia, with only 20 of these making it into the floral market! 


Pin cushion (scabiosa)

Native to Europe and Asia, available in red, white, pink, lavender, light blue and burgundy.

Fun fact about Pin Cushions:

 The species is named for "scabies," an itch that some species of pin cushion were said to cure. 


Kangaroo Paw

Native to Australia and blooming from August to November

It is bright red in colour, however other common species include Green Kangaroo Paw which colour ranges from lemon yellow to emerald green

Fun fact about Kangaroo Paw:

It is the floral emblem of the state of Western Australia 



Commonly known as the buttercup ranging in colour from soft whites, pinks and yellows to fiery oranges and reds.

Native to eastern Mediterranean region, south-western Asia, south-western Europe and north-eastern Africa

Fun fact about the Ranunculus flower:

The ranunculus flower symbolises love and attraction, gift this flower to show someone you love them! 



Native to Africa, Celosia ranges from purple, pink, red, yellow and orange. Its aesthetically pleasing texture is a favourite of mine, especially its’ structure almost resembling a brain !!

Fun fact about Celosia:

In some parts of the world the stems of celosia are eaten as a vegetable, apparently it tastes just like spinach!



We hope these beautiful spring blooms can brighten your day just as much as they brighten ours!


Love, Chelsea x

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