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The Meaning of mother’s day

The Meaning of mother’s day

We all love our mums or motherly figures in our life and although we have a day to celebrate them, we should really appreciate them a lot more often as these incredible people in our lives play a big part in who we are (basically they are the reason that we are such fabulous people) and without them the world probably wouldn’t function!
Mothers day can mean a lot of different things like:
  • A celebration of motherhood, especially for all those new mums out there.
  • A day to honour your mother or a motherly figure and everything they’ve done for you
  • Recognising the influence of mothers in society (getting the kids to school, scoring the kids sporting games, cooking for the kids bake sale)
  • A special day when kids give gifts to their mums or do something kind for them (like maybe doing dishes for the first time in their life!)
  • The day when your mother can use guilt against you for whatever they like – the urban dictionary
  • Thanking our mums for all their hard work (putting up with us haha)
  • Mums special day where she gets spoiled, her day to be treated like the queen she is!
  • Acknowledging how great are mums are…. Because really, they are the BEST
(EEFM's Mother's Day Bouquet, the perfect gift this Mother's Day)
Mothers Day has a different meaning for everyone but its always nice to do something kind for a loved one that has most likely mothered you in some way or taken care of you way toooo much. Like a nice kind gesture to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me, such as getting them a bouquet of flowers from East End Flower Market. The Meaning for our florist Darcy is waking up early and making her mum breakfast in bed, usually including a cup of tea and French toast and then letting her mum have a nice peaceful day, like maybe going out for lunch, watching a movie and some gardening but just in general spending quality time with her mum for the day. So if you need any gifts or flowers, East End Flower Market has plenty of options that all mums love, from flowers to plants to candles we can help make your mum feels as special as she should on ‘her’ day.

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