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The Meaning of Roses at Valentine's Day

The Meaning of Roses at Valentine's Day

The Meaning of Roses at Valentine's Day

There are probably a few things which automatically spring to mind when someone mentions Valentine’s day, and Roses would undoubtedly be very high on that list.
We certainly see constant references to Roses as a symbol of romance, passion, beauty and love throughout many genres, including poetry, literature, old and new art and film, but how exactly did these classical, fragrant beauties become synonymous with Valentine’s Day?
The popularisation of giving Roses as an expression of love can actually be dated back to the 17thCentury, during King Charles II reign of Sweden. It was during a trip to Persia that King Charles II first discovered the new art that was The Language of Flowers. He was taken by the idea of being able to express himself without uttering a single word, and, along with so many others in Europe, he adopted this as a form of expressive gift giving. The Language of Flowers became incredibly popular, with lists of flowers and their meanings distributed broadly. Among these highly referenced lists was the Red Rose, which translated to Deep Love.
It may be unsurprising that the Rose was chosen as the symbol of deep love, owing to it’s affiliation with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It is said in Greek mythology that rose bushed grew from the ground, nourished by the tears of Aphrodite and the blood of her lover, Adonis. When the Romans turned Aphrodite into their goddess of love, Venus, they kept the Rose as her symbol, continuing to signify love and beauty.
When Valentine’s Day became the popularised holiday that we now know it to be, the Rose was undeniably fitting as a perfect gift to give one’s love.
It has certainly become traditional to give Roses on Valentine’s Day, whether it be a single stem or a whole bouquet. At EEFM however, we like to keep things fresh, in all senses of the word! This year we’ve chosen to incorporate these stunning symbols of love into our Valentine designs, along side an array of equally luxurious and striking varieties, to create a stunning, contemporary bouquet, to help you express your love and affection, without having to say a single word. 

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