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The Perfect way to Spoil your Mother Figure (In the East End)

The Perfect way to Spoil your Mother Figure (In the East End)

What will you be doing on the 12th of May. Have you got plans to spoil your mum or are you stuck for ideas. Well you have come to the right place, East End Flower Market has got you covered for some tip top ideas on what you can do (in the east end of course) to make this Mother’s Day the best yet!
  1. Start your morning with a stroll to one of the many brunch spots in the East End. Our favourite is Le Carpe Diem on Grenfell St – they make the best crepes, both sweet and savoury along with baked goods like fresh almond croissants. Follow the smell of coffee and chocolate and you will find them located at 230- 232 Grenfell St, Adelaide.
  1. Make your way into Ebenezer Place and browse the boutiques that are dotted up and down the beautiful leafy street. You’ll find Adelaide designer- Naomi Murrell. Hand made one of a kind threads and beautiful jewellery that mum is sure to fall in love with.
  1. By this stage you might need another coffee- cross the road to Hey Jupiter for another French experience.
  1. Do you have a spare few hours, maybe cross over North Terrace and check out that’s on at the Gallery of SA. You are always sure to find something mind blowing and delightful, to set the scenes off and spark joy through the art.
  1. Now don’t forget, have you picked up your flowers from East End Flower Market? We have the very special Mother’s Day arrangement available for the 12th of May. It consists of yellows, oranges, bright pinks, billy buttons, and a very special new addition that we at EEFM just know your going to LOVE, a bright pink Monstera leaf!! Click here and avoid missing out.  
We hope this has giving you some ideas on how to spoil that special Mother Figure come May 12th.
We can’t wait to see you exploring the East End, pop in store or make an order online and let the East End Flower Market girls make your Mother’s Day extra EXTRA special
Happy Mother’s Day
Love, Imogen

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