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The Top 5 Flower Products for Mothers Day at EEFM

The Top 5 Flower Products for Mothers Day at EEFM

Flowers for Mothers Day? Who would’ve thought! Getting your mum (or a motherly figure) flowers for Mothers Day may seem like a last resort idea to some, but we believe that with the right product, you can really impress your mum (and not make it seem like you’ve just quickly run into the servo and grabbed the last bunch of wilted, life-less flowers. Please don’t do that). Flowers, when put together with loving and thoughtful intention, just as we do here at EEFM, can really say those words that you can’t quite put together. You know those moments where you’re writing a ‘thank-you’ card to someone and you just don’t have the words? Flowers do the work for you! At this time of the year with our mothers in mind, we make extra effort to put love into what we do at EEFM, not to say we don’t put in the effort for the rest of the year, but to acknowledge and repay our mothers for all that they have done for us. And boy, is that a lot!
(Above shows EEFM's Mother's Day Bouquet)

Here’s what to get for your mum at EEFM for Mothers Day to say a big “thank you!”:
1. A Luxe or Deluxe arrangement. These guys are a statement piece. They’re big, bold, and beautiful, and a sure-fire way to impress your mother! Make your mum feel incredibly loved and appreciated with this huge floral arrangement.
  1. Our Mothers Day bouquet. Featuring pinks, yellows, and oranges, and a pink monstera leaf – this floral arrangement will instantly brighten up your mum’s day!
  2. A Little Something, Queen, or King. Flowers put straight into a vase for you – one less thing you or your mum has to worry about!
  3. Any of our bouquets in varying colour tones and sizes. We’re thinking our Bright, Summer, & Rust arrangements will be our best-sellers this Mothers Day. Peruse our website or pop by the store to choose the perfect arrangement for your mum.
  4. Make your own! If you want to make a bouquet just to your mum’s liking, pop into the shop and choose exactly what flowers you’d like and we’ll make an arrangement for you then and there! *this option is for the people that really know their mothers’ taste.
(Attached above is a Pastel Deluxe Arrangement! Really blow your mums socks off this Mother's Day!)
There are so many options to choose from here at EEFM, and we’d be so honoured to help you make the perfect choice for your mum. 
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