The Wild Flower Chronicles: Episode One; The Banksia

The Wild Flower Chronicles
Welcome to the wild flower profiles! A place to grow your excitement about the beautiful wild flowers that nature creates
Each episode will feature a different flower that appears in our wild florist choice bunches so you can learn a little more about the flowers you see in your beautiful bouquets
Episode One: The Banksia
There are around 170 species of banksias in all shapes and sizes, and they all belong to the protea family.
As well as being used in your florist choice bunch, banksia wood is also often used in woodworking for ornamental uses, cabinet making, and historically in boat parts!
Banksias also have great significance to the traditional owners. Indigenous people of South Western Australia would often use banksia nectar to create a sweet drink, and infusions of flower spikes were used to relieve sore throats and coughs.
Growing from the sandy surf to the desert, banksias are resilient and often survive bushfire events, and after fire eases, will release seeds from their flower, to spur the growth of new trees. Even if burnt in a fire, the banksia grandis varieties base holds enough food and nutrients to regenerate!
Flowers of banksia trees are a rich source of nutrients to birds, bats, possums and bees, and can survive up to 100 years in the wild! 
Banksias are wonderfully beautiful and a great representation of the vast and ever changing landscape of the country and are a beautiful addition to your next bouquet. 
At East End Flower Market, we often have Banksia Prionotes, Banksia Menziesii, and Banskia Speciosa. We also use dyed banksias from time to time - they hold their colour really beautifully and we love how vibrant they are! 
Banksias go on a wonderful journey before they grace the wild bunch, and even when dried, they keep their stunning shape. They would love to live out their days as an addition to a dried arrangement in your home, just hang it upside down to dry and keep it forever!
Keep your eyes peeled for the next episode of the Wild flower Chronicles  to learn a little more about nature’s creations!
With love, 
Hannah and the EEFM Family 


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