The Wildflower Chronicles: Episode two; Geraldton Wax

The Wild Flower Chronicles
Welcome to the wild flower profiles! A place to grow your excitement about the beautiful wild flowers that nature creates
Each episode will feature a different flower that appears in our wild florist choice bunches so you can learn a little more about the flowers you see in your beautiful bouquets

Geraldton Wax 
Geraldton wax is a beautiful dainty flower native to coastal town Geraldton, in Western Australia. It is a favourite amongst the florists at East End Flower Market and we look forward to the late Autumn when it comes into season. 
Geraldton wax may appear in your bunch as a bud or wax flower. 
As well as being popular among local florists, Geraldton wax is highly attractive to bees and other pollinating insects with their warm honey fragrance. 

Whilst having a wispy, dainty and ethereal beauty, Geraldton wax is actually quite hardy, alike its native relatives and thrives in a dry climate. 

Geraldton wax naturally appears in a pink colour, known as ‘strawberry surprise’ and a white, creamy colour known as ‘Chantilly lace’, but may also appear in your bunch in beautiful hues of orange, pink, purple and blue. 
Being a wildflower, Geraldton wax tends to be quite long lasting and with regular trimming and water changes can stay a fresh addition to your home for 2-3 weeks!

We are so stoked that is is finally Geraldton wax season and we look forward to sprinkling different colours in our stunning customers bouquets!

Much Love, 
The East End Flower Market Family 

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