Tips on re-potting your Monstera

Re-potting your Monstera

So someone has given you a Monstera? You lucky little chicken!
Even luckier still, you’ve managed to keep this thing alive.
Perhaps you didn’t think you were cut out for plant parenting, but your little Monz is thriving, and aren’t you just proud as punch.
You’ve given it a name, started saying hello and goodbye to it and want the absolute best for it, so it may be time to start thinking about your little guy’s future. A bigger pot.
Monsteras are fairly easy care plants (that may even be why the sender chose this plant for you) and because of this they can grow quite quickly in the right conditions.
If you don’t consider yourself a natural green thumb, we understand that this can seem a daunting task, but fear not, we’ve put together a straight forward guide to re-potting your Monstera.
Firstly, it’s important to know that Monsteras are actually happy to remain a little cramped in their pots, so you will only need to repot them if you’re specifically wanting to encourage extra growth.
Make sure to do any repotting in the warmer months. The start of Spring, when there is new leaf growth, is generally a good time for repotting house plants, however Monstera are very easy going and as long as repotting takes place in the warmer months they’ll be happy little campers.
When selecting a new pot make sure you choose something with adequate drainage. Something with one large central drainage hole, or multiple holes will work. You can also use a porous material, like terracotta, which will help the soil to dry out a little quicker and thus prevent over watering or root rot.
Monstera plants aren’t too particular about soil types. They will be happy in almost any regular potting mix but if you’re buying specifically for this project then perhaps get something that is well draining as this will also minimise the chance of your Monstera receiving too much water. 
Once you have the pot and the potting mix sorted, place a layer of potting mix into the bottom of your new pot. Gradually remove your Monstera from it’s existing pot. This is not difficult but can be a little messy, so make sure you’re in a space that can handle some dirt.
Gently shake or crumble off the bulk of the soil left clinging to the root systems and place in your new pot. Monstera plants have a fairly robust root system that isn’t too phased by being disturbed, so you don’t have to be super gentle in this step, but make sure it still feels the love.
Top up your new pot with enough potting mix to fill to a few centre metres below the lip of the pot. Pack down the soil gently, remembering that if you pack it too tightly it will restrict water from running off adequately.
Once you’ve finished and are happy with how your Monstera is looking in their new home, give them a good drink. Water thoroughly enough that you can see the water running through the drainage holes. Make sure that all the excess water is allowed to run off, so that your little plant is not left with wet feet.
Place back in a well-lit position of indirect sun and watch the little guy thrive in the beautiful new home you’ve provided.
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