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Top 5 Gifts at EEFM for Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Gifts at EEFM for Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Gifts at EEFM for Valentine’s Day 

  1. Large Peace Lilly: If the lucky receiver of your gift is more of a plant person than a Large Peace Lilly will really make a statement. Bringing peace and happiness into the home. They also purify the air from nasties (BONUS)! Very appealing, thirsty plants that tell you when they need water by the drooping of their leaves (which is more than most plants will tell you!), then with a little water they’ll perk right up again. Just like the plant, watch the peace and happiness grow within the home and relationship.
  1. Chain of Hearts: Here at EEFM, you can literally give a special someone a chain of hearts. Potted in a cute pot so the gift is all sorted. This plant is part of the succulent family so they are easy to look after and can grow down as a hanging plant or you can weave them in and amongst knick knacks on a shelf, desk or bed etc. Have the hearts surrounding you! A little tangled, like relationships can be but also easily untangled with a bit of time and love.
  1. Cactus: Low maintenance and hardy like love should be! These beauties need hardly any water and come in a wide variety of looks, tall, skinny, short, fat, hairy, spikey. Nice addition to a desk or shelf, a constant subtle reminder that the receiver is loved by the giver.
  1. Small Monsteras: Monsteras are a great gift because they are extremely easy to look after and are fast growing so you can see the changes within days of having one. On the cheaper side to because valentines doesn’t have to be extravagant, especially as it’s the thought that counts not the price.
  1. Candles: Could you get more romantic gifting a candle? Can be given as a gift and then trialled after a date. With 5 EEFM delicious flavours, they’re sure to set the mood with a magnificent scent. Made at our studio and hand poured by one of our amazing workers, let your senses indulge in French pear, Australian bush, Sweet Lemongrass, Coconut and Lime or Vanilla. No need for dessert when the candles smell that sweet.
We have so much to offer in our store! Come on in and any of the staff members will help find the perfect gift for your loved one. We LOVE love here at EEFM, so come melt our hearts when you tell us you are picking a gift out for VDAY. We froth over it.

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