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Valentine's Day 2023

Valentine's Day 2023

 Valentine's Day at EEFM is going to be a very exciting time this year. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that this year marks our first year offering roses as part of our collection. We tested the waters last year when we released our Luxe Range and you guys have been obsessed with us using more premium flower varieties like roses.
We wanted to make sure that everyone could take part in our collection regardless of their budget. Roses are a beautiful choice for any romantic occasion, but they can also be quite expensive, especially in the lead up to Valentine’s Day . That's why we've made sure to offer fresh flowers at all price points. 
With everyone's inner romantic in mind, East End Flower Market is proud to present 2023 Valentine's Day collection curated by two very talented florists; Sophie and Renee.
This special collection has been designed with the most classic components of a true romantic comedy: Love is love! No matter who, or how far away loved ones are – our signature Valentine's Day Collection will bring laughter and smiles wherever it's received or shared. 
We have been very lucky to have made some lovely connections in the last year with some local growers and they have been in the forefront of our minds when creating this collection. 
EEFM also recognise that love is unconventional and that there are many types of love. We encourage people to celebrate love in whatever form or fashion they choose, whether it's between romantic partners or platonic pals or self-love, we would love to be an extension of that celebration.
Over the years we have been very lucky to have read some very beautifully written card messages. In our opinion, short and sweet is the best way to get your message across. If you are looking for some inspiration we have attached our top 5 of all time below; 
"I met you, I liked you, I love you, I'm keeping you!"
"Still the best decision I ever made"
"My crazy is in love with your weird" 
"Whatever is going on, you've totally got this, because you are amazing!" 
"I love the person I am becoming lately" 
Thank you again for all your support and we look forward to creating magic this Valentines Day for all the romantic Adelaidians.  
Love, The EEFM Family x


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