As we get closer to the end of the year East End Flower Market begins to fill up with some of our favourite flowers of all time. If you didn’t know already we are obsessed with wild flowers and the one of the top of our list would have to be the amazing waratahs!
Waratahs are the floral emblem of NSW, this is because the flower itself is named by the original inhabitants of the Sydney areas, the ‘Eora’ People. Waratah means ‘red flowering tree’ and can be seen commonly in and around Sydney. These flowers are very special to the original inhabitants as in the past they used the flowers for medicinal purposes. Waratahs come in red, pink and white colour tones and being a native are very long lasting! They usually only have a six week growing season though so it can be tricky to get your hands on them. Fun fact about Waratahs is that they look like one flower but are actually just a head made up of many flowers.
We have been loving the waratahs in our mixed bouquets, we think they go especially well in our burgundy arrangements. Come in store or order online now to snap up some of these babies, trust me they wont last long!
Love, Darcy

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