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We are open Sundays

We are open Sundays


Did you know that East End Flower Market is open 7 days a week? Yes, you read that correctly, we are open everyday! This way we can cater for everyone because we know you guys have a busy schedule just like us. Giving you plenty of options to come in and see us any day of the week OR delivery every day of the week as well!!!!
This means we are open Sundays (YAY!) so if you find yourself bored on a Sunday with nothing to, why not come in and visit us on 248 Grenfell Street.  We are open from 11am and until 4pm. This way you still have plenty of time for a sleep in and get to spend your afternoon out and about adventuring and seeing what the city has to offer. Or if you ponder in to stop and smell the flowers (or our delicious candles) amongst running your busy errands, we know Sunday can turn into a jobs day instead of a rest day sometimes!
Sundays for East End Flower Market mean we let our hanging plants have a day outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight or the occasional drizzle. Why don’t you come and check them out on your next lazy Sunday and see what other treasures you can find in store or even make a day of it and enjoy our neighbours in and around the East End.
“A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content”
Love Darcy

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