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Welcoming Proteas back to 2024!

Welcoming Proteas back to 2024!

Hey there flowers friends!
Exciting news on the floral front! We're thrilled to introduce this months latest gem: the Protea Market Bunch. Freshly picked from the lush fields of Balhannah in the Adelaide Hills, these robust blooms are ready to steal the spotlight with their vibrant colours this month.

Proteas are renowned for their resilience, vibrant hues, and undeniable beauty, making them a standout choice for this months market bunch. Sourced locally from one of our favourite wild flower suppliers, Kidman Natives, these blooms capture the essence of South Australian flora in all its glory.

Unlike some flowers that fade all too quickly, proteas are in it for the long haul, promising weeks of enjoyment. And priced at just $35 per bunch, they offer unbeatable value for those seeking a touch of affordable luxury.

We cant wait to share them with you online and in store this season! 
Love, The EEFM Family 

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