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What can EEFM do for your next function?

What can EEFM do for your next function?


Although EEFM isn’t an event florist we can still help out in many ways for a variety of different functions.
Some of our favourite ideas for events are; flower crowns for those girly occasions, a luxe or deluxe as a statement piece, our jar range (little something’s, kings, queens) for decorating tables, terrariums can also because a nice little centrepiece or simply buying your own bunches of flowers to get creative yourself.
Flower Crowns – A popular idea for Baby Showers or Hens Days and can be made up in any of our colour tones. They come in either quarter, half or full crowns with prices starting at $60. If you think this is the perfect idea for your next shindig, then it is best to give EEFM a weeks notice to ensure we have all the right equipment and talented staff available, as well as enough time to put in as much attention to detail as the delicate piece requires. 

(A Half Flower Crown $90, perfect for a Hen's, Birthday or any event)
Luxe/Deluxe – If you’re after a feature piece to turn heads then our largest arrangements are just what you are looking for. They will definitely add a wow factor to whatever occasion you have in mind. A thing to remember about these big beauties is that transporting isn’t the easiest so you may want to look into our delivery options and have one of our trendy delivery men do the work for you or make sure you have a big enough car and a few spare hands to help.
(This Deluxe Arrangement $250, was for a 60th wedding anniversary!)
Kings/Queens/Little Something’s -  To decorate tables, shelves, bookcases, bars or anything really, we have an assortment of flower arrangements that come in amber jars (taking the hassle out of finding a vase yourself). These range in size to cater for your event needs and start from as little as $15. However, if you already have jars sorted, you can bring in your own vessels and we will make up the flowers in them to suit your event style.
(A little something $15, is perfect for a table centrepiece)
Terrariums – with single jar succulents being only $20 (similar to the price of little something’s) they make another good option as a table centrepiece or decoration for around the venue. Or just buying one big terrarium to sit in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy. BONUS is they will keep living and growing if you look after them so they can be kept after the function or even given away as event gifts.
(This Indoor Plant Terrarium $40, adds a touch of greenery to a table)
Bunches – a good, crafty idea for if you want to do things yourself. The possibilities are endless and you can buy the exact flowers and amount you would like. Quite often people will come in and buy a bunch of blue gum or foliage to scatter in the middle of long tables. But you can really do anything and make your Pinterest visions happen!
(Geraldton Wax, or any individual flower bunch can be perfect to add to your own vases, or even cut off a piece for a placemat decoration)
Weddings – Unfortunately we don’t do specialised wedding bouquets (tighter style of bouquet) but if you love our flowers and want EEFM to be part of your special day then an option we give is for you to order our original bouquets and they will come how you see them in store (wrapped in brown paper etc.) and you will just have to tie them how you want and cut the stems to the appropriate length. Commonly ordered is our small bouquet for bridesmaids and a medium for the bride but we can go smaller or larger depending on what size you would like. This can be done for all our colour schemes; bright, pastel, wild, white and green, burgundy and florist choice. For pinholes we would suggest just buying stems of similar flowers to the bouquets and then making them yourself.
(Pictured above is the Medium White and Green Bouquet $50)
For any further queries, you are more then welcome to call, email or pop into store to have a chat with one of our friendly staff members who will be happy to help you with your next event. 
Love Darcy x

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