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What has EEFM been up to this March?

What has EEFM been up to this March?

Whats happening at East End Flower Market this March?
  • Fringe Festival Bouquet
  • The WOMAD
  • Mad March
If you are living in Adelaide right now you would know its one of our cities busiest times of year. We have the Fringe, the Clipsal, WOMADelaide, RCC and so much more. For some reason all of this happens in the same month, the month that is Mad March!
We are so grateful for it. We love the atmosphere that this month brings our usual quiet area. We love all different personalities walking down the street, whether that’s the car lovers, the entertainers or all the hundreds of people walking around to sit back and enjoy. We truly believe the people walking in the streets this time of year walk slower and look like they are soaking up everything that’s going on, loving life.
If you ask any of our staff you will receive a big list of things each one of us is up to personally. Our shop is the perfect location to lock up and head into the garden straight from work – blessed. We all are big fans of pretty much every event, which is why we decided it was only necessary for our flowers to reflect that.
I’m sure you’ve seen we have made some pretty unique products at the moment, that you are all loving!!! We had the Fringe Festival Bouquet, the WOMAD and finally we have now introduced the Mad March!
(Image shows the Fringe Festival Bouquet)
March is such a time of change in all Adelaide populations schedules, lives, day-day living we thought it would be silly if we didn’t take the opportunity to have a change in our bouquets/flowers as well.
(Image above shows the WOMAD)
What do you think of our most recent one off products? We would love your feedback. Chuck us an email at Are you loving the unique products as bouquets or are you loving the products that are in oasis and a vessel on delivery?
We would LOVE to hear from you. Until then, enjoy this month. Get busy and try something new. We are so blessed to be living in this beautiful city.



(Image above shows the Mad March)



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