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What is the perfect plant to gift this Christmas?

What is the perfect plant to gift this Christmas?

What is the Perfect Plant to gift for Christmas?

EEFM recommends Monstera Deliciosa's! Why's that you ask?
East End Flower Market stocks sooooooo many, so you have plenty of options to find the one that best suits you or the person you are giving one to. The cool part about monsteras is they all have their own original look and personality, tall, full, holey! We also stock two different types of Monstera, the Deliciosa and the adansoni. Come in store and talk to one of our friendly staff about the difference and any Monstera questions you have at all. Monsteras are super affordable if you are sticking to a budget, we have a range of sizes and prices starting at $30 (WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!). The reason we love monsteras are they are incredibly easy to look after, so perfect if the gift is for a new plant parent. All they need is a good water every now and then and only water when the top soil is dry (make sure the pot has a water drainage system). Pop it in a bright spot in the house and it’ll be happy, just no direct sunlight as that can burn the leaves. It’s that simple, but if you’re still worried our plants come with care instructions so you can become a plant master yourself! These plants have amazing natural slits in their leaves and are groovy to watch the new leaves roll out into new growth, sure to fascinate and please anyone. So if you can’t think of what to get someone or want to get them a plant but not sure which one THE MONSTERA is your go to. Call, email, come into the store or send a pigeon if you want any more information or to purchase one and make someone’s day (even if it is your own, we all deserve a gift sometimes!).

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