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What makes a perfect card message? (Valentines’ edition!)

What makes a perfect card message? (Valentines’ edition!)

How to write the Perfect Card message this Valentine's Day?

 At EEFM the staff have a pretty unanimous thought on card messages – Our thoughts are that they are key when sending any arrangement. Sometimes it can feel a little awkward, unusual or silly to write a card message, but we notice every day that the card message can really be the cherry on top to make your loved one happy.
 We usually stick with the philosophy that ‘less is more’ when writing a card, as usually a precise message can really say so much. There also might not be the perfect thing to write down, we totally get that too. You might want to write a card yourself and give it to the individual in person, so in that case perhaps something more classic suits the occasion. Including the following:
“Be my Valentine?”
“Happy Valentines”
“I love you”
If you really want to make someone smile or blush, a complement, term of endearment or a nice gesture is a great way to make someone feel loved:
“I love doing life with you”
“I love your radiating personality”
“You are magnificent”
“I appreciate you”
Sometimes a ‘thank you’ is even more appropriate:
“Thanks for making my life special”
“Thank you for always being there for me”
Even those couples that aren’t close enough to saying those three little words just yet, we always recommend something humorous like:
“I hope everyone at your work enjoys these as much as you do”
“I like you even when you chew loudly”
We love funny card messages the most, one of our favourites from last year (We will keep the sender anonymous, however if you see this we just want to say we love all that you are about) is:
“Roses are red, violets are blue, all I want to do is eat Chicken Chef with you”.
Even if there is a date planned, maybe a reference to that could also excite your loved one:
“See you tonight”
“6:30pm meet you at the local”
You can’t really go wrong with cards so just be genuine and sweet and that’s all that matters! After all you have a special relationship as they enjoy you for you. We also always recommend signing off with your name – not that your loved one doesn’t know it’s from you, but sometimes it just makes the whole process easier. Sometimes people might also get an arrangement from their mother, sister or family member etc. all with no name on the card – it can be a little confusing with who they have to thank.
We hope you enjoy our hot tips for card messages this Valentine’s Day!

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