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What to do with your bambino pot?

What to do with your bambino pot?

What to do with your bambino pot?
Has someone special in your life recently bought you a bambino arrangement that has now come to the end of its life? 
No need to worry! We have some great ideas for you on how you can give your bambino a new life in your home.
The planter Bambino
Add some drainage stones to the bottom of your pot and give it a new life with a small succulent or baby houseplant!
The Pen storage Bambino
The bambino pot would love to live out its days storing the important pens and stationery you need to write that last minute shopping list or best-selling novel
The Kitchen Utensil Bambino
Everyone always needs somewhere to put their spatula and whisk when cooking up a storm, and your bambino pot is the perfect kitchen storage for chefs of all abilities
The Candlelit dinner Bambino
Pop a scented signature EEFM candle in your bambino and set up a serene vibe for that special someone or treat yourself
The Choccie Bambino
Let your bambino pot live out its days holding delicious choccies for anyone who visits your home to enjoy
The ‘Get Creative’ Bambino
Whip out some paint and brushes and give your bambino a new look with some flowers or stripes to give to your bestie for their birthday or just because!
So next time you send someone a bambino or treat yourself to some flowers, get inventive and tag us on Instagram with your creation!
With love,
Hannah and the EEFM family

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