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The hottest trend at East End Flower Market

The hottest trend at East End Flower Market

A new trend that East End Flower Market has been getting around is (*Drum roll please)….. floral painting our Monstera leaves gold!
We have noticed a large increase of customers requesting gold sprayed flowers, so we wanted to try gold Monsteras and boy has that blown up! We started out trailing them in feature bouquets like the valentines range and Fringe bouquet but they’ve become so popular that we now put them in all our bunches except the small size, so you’ll see them shining bright everywhere you look! The best thing is that they go with every colour scheme, Summer, Rust, Bright, Pastel, White and Green.
(Above: Large Fringe Festival Bouquet including our golden Mons)
Of course, if gold isn’t for you then we can leave them out or have a natural one instead. They are very unique and not something you see in your average bouquet! The paint is very delicate so it won’t hurt the leaves and they’ll last just as long as they normally would. Come in store or order a bouquet online to check out these little babies yourself! You can also just buy the stems painted gold or natural if you wanted to get creative in your own home.
Our Monstera love doesn’t end there though, we also stock the Monstera Swiss Cheese plants in a small and large size for an indoor plant idea.
Stay Golden xx EEFM.

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