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Why a Plant is The Perfect Housewarming Gift

Why a Plant is The Perfect Housewarming Gift

Why a Plant is The Perfect Housewarming Gift
  • They last for a long time
  • They are great for your loved ones and your own health
Ever wondered what to gift your friend who’s just moved into a new abode? We think a plant is the perfect solution! It’ll add greenery, help purify the air, and is pretty much ever-lasting (depending on the caregiver).

We, as humans, possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. Ever wondered why a day in and amongst nature makes you feel so good? This is why! Edward Osborne Wilson (American biologist, theorist, naturalist, and author) coined this tendency as “biophilia”.
Because we are ever busy, stuck inside claustrophobic offices staring at a computer screen all day, we don’t get to spend much time in nature, and thus, we are less connected to it and ourselves. 

Indoor plants are the solution to our lack of connection with the outdoors. In fact, they help bring the outdoors indoors.

Here are 2 reasons why plants are the perfect housewarming gift:
  1. They last for a long time
Unlike other things you may give as a housewarming gift, plants don’t expire and they don’t go out of fashion. As long as the recipient takes care of the plant, the longer it will stay with them. And they’re super easy to take care of, too!
  1. They are good for your health
Plants aren’t just good for their visual beauty, they are also good for your health! They freshen up the air and eliminate harmful toxins in your space by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Extensive research has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours. That’s pretty neat!
And now you’re probably wondering “But what plant do I choose!?”. They all are beautiful and have the same health and visual benefits. We think that the best first-time plant is the Monstera Deliciosa, so if you know your recipient hasn’t had a plant before, this one’s your best choice! Other plants to choose from are: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Peace Lily, Rubber Plant, Zanzibar, Devil’s Ivy, etc.
Come visit us at 248 Grenfell street and check out our really large selection of indoor plants! We would be so happy to see you and help you choose the perfect plant for your friend! Or why not treat yourself to a little plant friend!? Plants are the perfect gift for any occasion.

We love helping make the world a little bit greener!

Love, Sofia

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