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Why EEFM loves being in the East End!

Why EEFM loves being in the East End!

 East End Flower Market is situated in the newly vibrant and flourishing end of the CBD – The East End! Our beautiful East End is famous for being the old Market area and you’ll notice the great statue in Ebenezer place to represent the great past that the area had. Not long ago, the East End was a quieter area of the Adelaide city that really only came to life during Mad March, but now this thriving area is home to cool bars, quirky cafes, the BEST coffee (not just our opinion), and your favourite florist (US!).
Just a short walk from Rundle Mall, the main area of the East End begins as you step across Frome Street onto Rundle Street and trust us, you will notice when you get there! Just off of Rundle Street, you will find yourself surrounded by small boutique stores, cafes and bars.
Below we have listed just a couple of our favourite places to be within the beautiful East End
Rundle Street:
  • Brklyn – our go to bar for good drinks, good food and good vibes! You will also find a funky hairdresser upstairs (outside of the bar of course!)
  • Gorman – if you haven’t noticed, the girls at EEFM are a little bit obsessed with all things Gorman, so you’ll find us at our store or perhaps in theirs!
  • Bauhaus – this is the shop of all shops to buy any quirky gifts, jewellery or home décor, we can’t get enough of it
  • Naomi Murrell – cool crafted jewellery, amazing styling, funky yet chilled vibe
Union Street:
  • Penny University – Penny’s offers great coffee, quick to go salads and lunch packs, along with their amazing eat in menu and little desserts
Ebenezer Place:
  • Hey Jupiter – the sweetest looking café that offers amazing sandwiches, tea, coffee and fabulous décor, you may also spot from of our flowers inside!
  • Kutchi Deli Parwana – the smaller sister of the amazing Parwana restaurant on Henley Beach Road, you must get their amazing curries or dumplings!
Vardon Ave:
  • Mother Vine – the perfect place for a luxe feeling wine and platter night or a Sunday arvo
  • East End Cellars – if you don’t have a favourite wine before you end East End Cellars, you’ll leaving having five favourites from their amazing selections!
  • Nola – Good drinks, good food, cool vibes!
  • Exchange coffee – another go to coffee place for us at EEFM, also check out their yummo menu!
Grenfell Street:
  • Le Carpe Diem – you’ll find us here on the regular basis, their crepes, coffee and lunch specials are to die for!! Plus, the most friendly restaurant staff you will ever encounter
  • East End Flower Market – we have to through our name in the mix, we would love for you to come in and see why we love our East End home so much!

Love Amy x

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