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Why is EEFM so obsessed with Wild Flowers?

Why is EEFM so obsessed with Wild Flowers?

I’m just going to put it out there and say that this time of year is by far my favourite! Not only are the days getting warmer but the nights are getting shorter which means the sun is out for longer and wild flowers are in full season. Oh, did I say wild flowers are in season? Yes, yes I did. At East End Flower Market, the doors are wide open to let that afternoon sunshine in and its guaranteed you’re going to be greeted with a wide range of natives as you step in the door.
You’re probably thinking, why do the girls are EEFM go crazy for the wild flowers? Well I’m here to tell you a few things that made me fall head over heels for them and I’m sure by the end of this read you’ll have fallen hard for them yourself.
Ok first and for most, all of our wild flowers are grown locally, and I don’t mean in Australia or in another state I mean literally a hop, skip and a jump. Head up the highway, up, up, up into the hills tucked away, down a long windy drive way, between the protea bushes and wattle that spill over the path you’ll find Kidman Flower Co in Balhannah. Run by the amazingly talented Ange and Des Kidman they have been supplying us with the most beautiful wild flowers for almost 3 years.
Not only are they grown locally, they are also grown organically. This means no nasty sprays or chemicals are used on any of the flowers or foliage. This makes me feel even better about putting natives on my kitchen table or gifting to a friend knowing they are clean and fresh.
Now for the best part… the variety! Three times a week during peak season we put in our order, Des loads up the ute and makes the 20 minute trip down the hill to our door. What we find when he arrives, without a doubt is a little something special he has picked especially for us. He knows us so well!! It might be blossoming gum or wattle, extra large Leucadendrons or King Proteas cut only a few hours before hand.
If you ask me, I love all of the wild flowers and I think they really hold their own as individual stems, either on the kitchen table or in a hallway, welcoming guests. How ever for that special East End Flower Market touch be sure to mix the natives with our other long lasting blooms – chrysanthemums and daises – they are sure to really make a statement sitting pretty to vibrant oranges and pinks.
I guess what I’m trying to say is, these wild flowers aren’t around for a long time but they are here for a good time! Be sure to pop in store at 248 Grenfell St or jump online at and grab a bunch of natives before their very special season comes to a disappointing end.
Love Imogen
Why is EEFM so obsessed with Wild Flowers?

Why is EEFM so obsessed with Wild Flowers?

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