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Why is it important to look after your flowers?

Why is it important to look after your flowers?

Flowers are just like people, not only are they beautiful but they need water to survive! Cut flowers need to stay hydrated just like us and in order for this to happen here are a few things we can do to help our little bloom buddies live a little longer.


  • When you receive flowers or take flowers home it is important to re-cut their stems on a sharp angle using a sharp knife or scissors just before placing them in water. It is important to place the stems straight into water after you have cut them so that the stem doesn’t seal itself to keep the moisture in.
  • Remove any foliage from your flower stems that could end up in water once you place flowers in your vase. Foliage that is left in water will start to create bacteria in the fresh water and will begin to collect in the flowers' cut ends and reduce the flowers' ability to 'drink'.
  • Change your vase's water every second day to help prevent bacteria build-up.  Repeat the cutting process by cutting 1cm off the ends of your flowers before returning them to the clean water.
  • Add a few drops of bleach each time you change the water.  The bleach will help slow the growth of bacteria in the water and in the stems vessels.
  • If your flowers have been designed in floral foam be sure to keep the foam well watered. The foam material already has enough floral preservative in it that you don't need to worry about re-cutting stems regularly.
  • When you have finished all the steps above make sure you find a home for your flowers that is not in direct sunlight or close to a heater or air conditioner, as either will stress the flowers.


A few tricks from EEFM for longer lasting blooms
Make sure your scissors or knife are super sharp. If you slice through the stem rather than crushing it, you will keep the stems vessels open which will allow water to pass through with ease.
Don’t mix flowers and fruit. Fruits like bananas and apples give off high levels of ethylene. This gas will influence the ethylene production in the plant and will cause rapid ageing of flowers and leaves.
Do you need your flowers to open faster? You can fill your vase with warm water (not boiling). To keep blooms looking great longer just add cold water with a few ice cubes, you will be surprised at the difference in the two different water temperatures.
Love Justine x

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