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Why we don’t do weddings… just yet!?

Why we don’t do weddings… just yet!?

 When the girls at East End Flower Market set their minds to something, we do it with 100% of our time, effort and skills. We want things to be perfect, whether that be our products, our shop or our customer service.
Although weddings are a major goal for us, we are currently focusing our time on what is most important to us, our customers and the products they are receiving.
We absolutely love the idea of EEFM doing your beautiful weddings. We often catching ourselves day dreaming about all the amazing bouquets, table centrepieces and installations we could create for you! And one day we might be creating beautiful floral weddings, as for now we are going to have to keep the beautiful weddings in our dreams. We can’t wait for it to be a reality and really hope you are all excited for that too!
We love it when you guys bring in photos and inspiration pulled from the bouquets we have created for you, it truly warms our hearts. We love hearing that you guys love our work. The next best thing that we can offer you is a little bit of advise and we can point you in the right direction with ideas.
As we only sell our bouquets as they are shown in store and online you are more than welcome to purchase from our website or store for your special day. We sell our flowers by the stem as well making it easy for you if you would like to purchase a little bit extra for the day.

Thank you to every person who has emailed us asking us to create floral arrangements for their weddings. We completely understand the trust you are giving us, asking to do this for you. We can’t wait for the day we can reply back saying yes.
Love, The EEFM Girls 
Why we don’t do weddings… just yet!?

Why we don’t do weddings… just yet!?

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