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Why you need a Fiddle Leaf in your life?

Why you need a Fiddle Leaf in your life?

Fiddle Leaf Figs are all the rage at the moment and here’s why…….
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Fun to look after and care for
Indoor plant that you need in your life
Decorative anywhere you put them in the house
Dense in growth and leaves, being a very full plant
Loving, if you love them they will love you back
Every week need a drink
Sunshine they like to be bright but not direct light or it’ll burn its little leaves
East End Flower Market has an abundance of fiddles in store at the moment. Soooo many to choose from, ranging in size and price to find the perfect fit for your home or a gift. Tall, bushy, small, big leaf, little leaf, multiple stemmed and the list goes on! Come in and see what we’re talking about @ 248 Grenfell Street.

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