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Wild Flowers availability at the start of the year

Wild Flowers availability at the start of the year

2019 has started off with a bang! We have had such a beautiful selection of flowers in store from flowers like Hydrangea, Celosia, Golden Rod, Sunflowers, Alstromeria, Roses - just to name a few. However, one thing that sadly SA misses out of at this time of the year is beautiful Wild Flowers.
We start of the year with a few King Proteas left in their season, and by the end of Jan are completely out. Every year we at EEFM have the same conversation about how sad it is that we don’t have natives even though they have the exact.same.season.every.year…… (Come on guys, stop crying over it).
However – Did you know that there is a special flower that really saves the day at this time of year. Repens!!!!!!!! And boy are they stunning.
They are a beautiful hot pink colour with a textured petal quite like no other. To me they scream Australian native as they have such a wild aspect to them – they are too unique that you would never just walk past them in any big city. Come on in store today and enjoy Protea Repens season straight from our Native wholesaler in Balhannah – we will have as many bunches that we can get our hands on til their season is over.
Next in line in the Wild Flower department will be Pink Ice Proteas, however they are still around a month or two off (End of Feb, Start of March).

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