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Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

PLANT PROFILE: Christmas Tree

Common Names: Christmas Star Tree or White Spruce
Scientific/Botanical NamePicea Glauca
Type of Plant: Belongs to the family Pinaceae


Originally native to Alaska and Canada but can now be found majorly in the North of the United States. 
Where to grow
The Christmas Tree (Picea Glauca) enjoys being in a position of sun to part shade. They are not generally indoor plants and while they can be kept inside for short periods (e.g. the festive season), they will want to be returned to the outdoors after a month or so maximum. Somewhere you want to enjoy the great smell they produce.
Weekly watering is suggested for new plants, however in the hot weeks it is best to soak the plant every few days instead of giving it a little water everyday. The deep watering will support the growth of the roots, making it a more durable plant. Examine the soil with your finger and if the soil is dry 5cm down then its best to give it a water. These plants in particular don’t like dry air so giving them a spray with water regularly will help them to stay happy as well.