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EEFM's Plant Range

EEFM's Plant Range

East End Flower Market isn’t just flowers but also PLANTS (love heart eye emoji!)
The old trend that’s coming back into fashion, and I mean why not….. they purify the air, look stunning and are fun to look after and watch them grow.
They could really add some beauty to your life, not to mention be a statement piece to any room when matched with the right fashionable pot.
Our stock always changes but currently at the store we have:
Burgundy Ficus – good hardy plants
Umbrella Tree – add some height to the room
Peace Lilly – two sizes available and don’t need much light
Zanzibar Gem – thrive off neglect
Snake Plant – hard to kill
(Image shows a Snake Plant wrapped in brown paper)
Monstera Deliciosa – fast growing (small and large sizes available) 
Monstera Adansoni – rare and unique looking 
Fiddle Leaf Figs – a crowd pleaser and very popular at the moment #trendy (various sizes)
Philodendrons – spread out and wide so they cover a lot of area and can hide a bare corner!
Pothos hanging and Totem (climbing) – easy to look after
We also have limited plant options available on our website for an online order if you can’t make it into the store. Either way you should get one to bring some fresh air inside your house and bring the place to life with a bit of living colour!
Love, EEFM x