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How to Care for Your Snake Plant

How to Care for Your Snake Plant


The best way to cater to any new plant is to find out what type of environment it is originally from. The Snake Plant originally comes from West Africa, from Nigeria east to the Congo. These locations are topical, which is the natural climate for the snake plant.
The Sansevieria Trifasciata has been given many nicknames, including Snake Plant, Mother in Law’s tongue and many more.
The Snake Plant has a broad strip-like, upright pointed leaves that are dark green marked with lighter green/yellow colour. The striped colour and marking give meaning to the name Snake Plant.

The Snake Plant when watering doesn’t like to be kept moist, it loves to be dried out completely and drained before its next water! This plant is best under-watered then over watered. So water sparingly, but do keep routine watering. In the winter months, water the plant monthly unless it looks like it needs more. In the warmer months, water plant between 2-4 weeks.
The plant doesn’t like to be watered with cold water, so before watering if using cold water leave watering can for about an hour to go to room temperate and then water the plant. This way it will be similar to tropical warm environments.

The Snake Plant likes bright natural light. It does not like the full or direct sun as it can be burnt. Filtered light or bright indirect light for part of the day is suitable for this plant.
As it is a tropical plant wiping the leaves with a warm wet cloth helps mimic original conditions and also helps maintain glossy and bright leaves.