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Terrarium Care

Terrarium Care

How to water your EEFM Terrarium: 
If you have ever been into our store, you’ll know that we love to stock up our shelves with beautiful plant and succulent terrariums. Some say the easiest type of plant to keep alive, others may disagree!
Our number one tip for terrarium care is: know your watering routine!
Plant terrariums generally need a small amount of water every few days to once per week and succulent terrariums will need water once every two weeks to once per month depending on the environment that you have it in and the season of the year.
Warmer weather and more sunlight means the soil will dry quicker, therefore the plant will need to be watered more often. Cooler weather and usually less sunlight means the plant will stay moist for longer, therefore less watering is needed
Succulents (depending on the type) retain a lot of water in the bodies, making them happy to go for longer periods without watering. The most common reason of succulent death is over or under watering.
We plant our large terrariums in clear fishbowl vases, making it really easy to view the soil and drainage sand that the plants are potted into. A good rule of thumb for the succulents are to ensure the soil has completely dried before watering again.
Signs to look out for:
  • Shrivelled dry fallen leaves indicate a need for water
  • Soggy ‘swollen’ yellow leaves mean the succulent is holding a lot of water in these leaves and they are best to be removed
  • Fallen leaves can be normal and the plant can live happily but excessive fallen leaves and a wilting plant is not good
If you have any queries about your terrarium or single succulent from EEFM feel free to give us a call on 08 8271 8330
Love, Amy x