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EEFM's New Range of Dried Flowers

EEFM's New Range of Dried Flowers

EEFM’s New Range of Dried Flowers

If you haven’t been into the EEFM store recently, you may not have seen our stunning Dried Flower installation yet. Created expertly by Imogen, Charlotte and Josh, this incredible piece of art (and engineering) hangs loftily from the ceiling and is a welcome addition to our little home, not only for the aesthetic pleasure it provides, but also as it shows off our new and brimming range of dried flowers.
Cool silvery Bluegum, stems of soft Cotton and textured Wheat sit alongside delicate Tea Tree, striking Teasel and both white and vibrant red Stirlingia, in a grid like installation that highlights the beauty and versatility of dried flowers, as well as the effortlessness of everlasting arrangements.
Our obsession with dried flowers has been growing for some time now. Earlier in the year Darcy wrote a blog with some tips on ‘HOW TO DRY OUT YOUR EEFM FLOWERS’, but if you’re more of an instant gratification kind who would rather not wait or work for it, we suggest checking out what’s on offer in store at the moment. You might just be after a few stems of this and that to place in vases or jars around your home and one of the EEFM girls can help you with any questions you might have, and share with you what we’ve found works when it come to dried flower arrangements.
Our dried flowers are available at the shop in bunches or by the stem, so the options are endless.
Rosie X
P.S When you’re next in store, don’t forget to look up. You won’t be disappointed…it’s a beauty!  

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