How to repot your plants!


EEFM isn’t just flowers but also PLANTS! So here is a little blog on how to re-pot your plants into a funky new pot that fits your house or the image in your head perfectly.
Once you’ve bought a plant you can re-pot it straight away but there is also no rush. Some of the girls here at EEFM, like to buy their dream pot for the plant a little bigger than the one it comes in and then simply place it in its new pot whilst still being in its original pot. This way you can see if the pot suits the plant but also can work out where in the house or shop or wherever you are keeping it, it is happy. Sometimes we have in mind the perfect location for a plant but then the plant doesn’t like it due to either too much or too less water or sun or shade. So this way you can test first where the plant is happy and then when you are ready, (maybe a few months later) you can re-pot the plant into the decorative one you have decided on.
Just keep in mind, when you are looking for a pot, that one with drainage is always a good idea so that the plant can get rid of any unnecessary water it doesn’t want. EEFM has a small range of stylish pots in store and online if you decide to get the whole combo of plant and pot at the same time.
Now to the repotting!
  • Get some good potting mix from your local nursery or Bunnings and about half fill your new pot with the potting mix
  • Then take your plant out of the pot it came in by gently squeezing the sides to loosen it and tapping on the bottom to encourage the plant to slide on out
  • Once it is out brush away unnecessary soil and loosen up the roots (this will encourage them to keep growing and thus the plant to grow bigger and better as well), be careful not to brush away too much of its familiar soil though
  • Then pop it into the new pot with the new potting mix and place more of the fresh potting mix on top to fill the pot and blend it all into its new home, patting the top down lightly
  • Lastly give the plant a generous water
Decorative rocks or pebbles can be added on top of the soil for design if you please or simply let it be and Hey Presto you’ve re-potted your plant baby!   
Love Darcy x

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