New Pricing Structures at East End Flower and The Journey of a Flower

The Journey of a Flower
Have you ever wondered how the flower in your EEFM bouquet gets from a seed to a vase in your living room? Flowers go through an extensive and wonderful journey to fulfil their floral destiny in a bunch. Whether they are used to show love, thanks, or to celebrate a life, each flower goes on a unique journey before it enters our studio. We thought we would delve into what goes on behind the scenes to see the many hands involved in the journey of a flower. The past two years have seen great inflation in pricing in the floral industry due to many factors in the journey of a flower, leading to a new pricing structure which acknowledges these changes and fluctuations in the bunches we create.
Many of the flowers used by us at East End Flower Market are grown by our lovely friends at local Adelaide flower farms such as Native Avenue, Kidman flowers, Charleston Farm, Two Wells Flowers, Little Lyndoch Flower Farm and Ripe Wholesale flowers. The beauty within your flower is a process which has been crafted and perfected by farmers for generations. Climate, moisture, soil quality, and growing processes are an expertise of knowledge and care which have been mastered by local Australian growers. After planting, some native flowers such as Proteas and Leucadendron’s will often take 3-4 years to grow before they are able to be harvested. The process of seed becoming a plant is called germination. This basically means that a seed holds the beginnings of a plant, which is just waiting for the right conditions to present itself, so it can emerge and grow into its potential. Once a seed breaks its seedling shell, roots will grow and anchor it into the ground, which store nutrients, food, and take up water. The shoot of the plant will then emerge, which becomes a stem used to carry nutrients and water to the flower and leaves of the plant. A plant must enter its adulthood before it begins to develop flowers and this floral development relies on both pollination by local insects and birds and fertilisation. This process takes days for some, but many years for others. This rarity on flowering often reflects pricing structures and seasonal appearances of flowers at your local florist.
Local growers put endless amounts of care and love into the environments in which their flowers grow, and this is reflected in the quality and beauty of the product. In recent years, Covid19’s effect on supply chains, and environmental factors created by climate change have greatly impacted local growers. Their persistence and care for the product is the reason we are still able to create beautiful bunches of blooms for our wonderful customers.
Once blooms grow to their optimal height and quality, they are snipped by expert farmers to ensure longevity of life. These blooms are then transferred into freshwater buckets and then loaded onto refrigerated vans and trucks to make their way to florists’ doors. Drivers wake in the early hours of the morning to bring flowers to our door, so we can make sure we get them to your doorstep as soon as we can. These drivers who bring flowers from local markets have become part of our morning routine, and handle the flowers with the utmost care, with refrigerated vans, careful driving, and sometimes multiple trips to and from the market to bring flowers fresh for us to use.
As you would have noticed, petrol prices have increased exponentially in the past year, meaning it may cost a delivery driver double what it did last year to fill their tank.  Flow on effects from this have reached our industry and it is only natural for this to cause supply chain price increases. As a business, we have tried our very best to absorb as much of this increase as we can, however it has now come to a stage where it not viable for us to continue selling within the same pricing structure as before 2020. In a pursuit to be as transparent as possible with our loyal customers, we wanted to explain the cause of these increases and the value of the hands who grow and sell our stock. We have decided as a business to change our pricing structures, meaning the little bunch, medium and large bunch you are used to will now cost slightly more. Despite this, we understand that as a customer any change in price can have a huge impact. We want to be mindful of all budgets, and make sure our flowers are inclusive of differing price points, and so will ensure we have a Market Bunch available for $30. We are also introducing our new LUXE range which will be a chance for our florists to go off script, in which we will utilise premium flowers such as reflexed roses, orchids, anthuriums and delicate varieties. Due to the increased labour involved in these bunches and the specialty varieties, you will see a higher price for these arrangements.
The effect of COVID on imported flowers has also caused increased strain on local growers which have struggled to keep up with demand, whilst also dealing with environmental disasters, such as a hailstorm which destroyed a season of poppies at a local South Australian farm. An example of how these supply chain issues have affected our local supply is the wholesale price of King Proteas. When East End Flower Market was established in 2015, we were able to source local King proteas for $2 per stem, however they are now at least $15 per stem wholesale. In attempting to avoid an increase in pricing to our customer, we have found that we are not able to offer the wide range of unique varieties or volume of stock in each EEFM arrangement that we were able to pre-pandemic, and as a result our products and staff creativity are suffering. The new pricing structure will help to alleviate this issue.
We are so excited about the launch of our new structure and LUXE range and believe that this new era for East End Flower Market will be a chance for creativity to flourish and beautiful creations to be made for our customers. The classic EEFM Style of working in colour tone to create unique, made-to-order products will not be changing - if anything by adopting these new pricing structures we will be able to offer a wider and more exciting range of seasonal flowers to our customers. We have tried our best to ensure we still have great-value product offerings available for any budget, and hope you can understand that these decisions were not taken lightly by the EEFM Family.
We are so all so grateful for all your ongoing support over the years and can’t wait to keep creating magic for you, our wonderful customers.
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With love
The East End Flower Market Family

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